Posteri final_Marsh 23 shkurt 2020

Cyclo Safe Pristina

Activity: Cyclists’ march against air pollution in Pristina


Dear cyclists, societies and environmentalists,

We invite you to participate in the cycling march against air pollution in Pristina.

Activity under the project “Cyclo Safe Pristina”

The “Cyclo Safe Pristina” project is part of the “Empower – Engage – Build Ownership” project, funded by European Union funds, managed by the EU Office in Kosovo European Union Kosovo, supported by Balkan Green Foundation and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) and implemented by the Pristina Alpine Club.

Activity details:

Date: February 23, 2020 h 12:00

Starting point: KHMI (Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute), Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje, at the entrance to Prishtina

Achievement Point: Germia Park

The march trajectory is 7 km long and will run along the road segments shown graphically on the map.

Purpose of the activity:

Cyclists are concerned about the high level of air pollution in Pristina, which also comes as a result of the dominance of motor vehicles on the streets of the capital.

In addition to the minimum infrastructure conditions and poor safety for the cyclist community, cyclists now face unhealthy air (in such conditions of poor air quality it is not recommended to cyclize).

The march aims to raise the awareness of society towards the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly transport – Bicycle.

Note: The helmet on the head is OBLIGATIVE.

Volunteer supporters:
Marakli t’Biciklave
Bike Friendly Café & Shop powered by Supercyclists
Komuna e Prishtinës
Policia e Kosoves
Drejtoria e Shërbimeve Publike, Mbrojtjes dhe Shpëtimit
Drejtoria e Administratës
Drejtoria e Sporit
Drejtoria e Urbanizmit
Drejtoria e Parqeve