What we offer is about organizing and guiding nature related activities. The Alpine Club Prishtina has several sectors that operate within its framework, and within these sectors special services are provided for nature lovers. In our organizations we strive to be professional and successful, and to adapt to the requirements and preferences of our members. Our activities are transparent and are advertised on our website. Walking or climbing at certain intervals, in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, etc. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicities join us at every event. According to the standards and the Statute harmonized with that of the CDFW, we keep records regularly, and are responsible for the importance of providing the best guidance on the ground.

Some of our activities are aimed at camping, some long walks and climbs, but there are also some that may be characterized by hiking and tourism, with the aim of visiting and getting to know cities, gorges, lakes, villages, facilities of particular importance, as well as the culture of different communities.


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