Address:                Anton Harapi nr.58 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovë
Phone:                   +38345444777
Email:                    atdhesylaj@gmail.com
Email work:          alpineclubprishtina@gmail.com
Current job:         Bike Tour Guide of  Ballkan  at  Klubi Alpin Prishtina


To provide the most worthwhile and enriching tour experience for local and foreign tourists alike and to make a significant contribution to Balkan tourism industry.


  1. Adventure-seeker with outstanding navigational skills
  2. Conversational knowledge of English and German
  3. Vast knowledge of world geography and a certain area’s off the beaten tracks
  4. High proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
  5. Outgoing and friendly personality
  6. Excellent leadership and problem-solving abilities
  7. Training in emergency response
  8. Adept with GPS navigation system
  9. Goal-driven and dedicated
  10. Fantastic foreign language and interpersonal skills
  11. Ability to organize tasks effectively
  12. A deep passion for nature and environmental causes
  13. Open-mindedness to others’ opinions and ideas


Tour Guide, 2017-present

Bike Tour Guide of  Ballkan  at  Klubi Alpin Prishtina

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Takes charge of meeting clients at the airport, train station, or bus terminal
  • Ensures that tourists and travelers are comfortably settled in their hotels or resorts.
  • Explains the itinerary and schedule of the travel
  • Provides significant information about each destination or attraction visited with emphasis on its cultural and historical meaning
  • Manages meals and transportation related to the tour
  • Handles emergency situations; manage sudden changes or modifications to the tour
  • Responsible for the enjoyment of clients; ensure that they have a stimulating experience of local offerings
  • Generates reports for the travel agency
  • Discusses other tour packages and interesting activities with tourists and try to sign them into these
  • Provides recommendations on tour plans and packages to the agency’s planning team
  • Participates in regular enrichment activities and personality development sessions as set by the team
  • Performs other tasks assigned by the agency
  • Assisted travel agents in their tasks including but not limited to touring and budget preparations
  • Provided information on tourist attractions and historical sites
  • Provided guidance to students undertaking their education trips
  • Helped prepare travel itinerary to travelers
  • Scheduled bookings and made follow-up calls
  • Prepared reports on the tour to the supervising travel agent
  • Compiled various reports and documents
  • Monitored weather conditions and provide such information to other team members
  • Researched for affordable rates on the web and provide a listing of these to the tour operator
  • Provided inputs in enhancing the website
  • Did other errands and tasks assigned by the agency


  1. Bike GuideTraining
  2. Basic First Aid Administration
  3. Speech Enhancement

Personal information

  • Civil Status:        Engaged
  • Date of Birth:     April 12, 1991
  • Hobbies:  Mountain & road Biking ,basketball, video games, hiking, climbing, trekking, Skiing, alternative & rock genre of music, traveling,  swimming